Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Dead Poets' Slam - Two Emily Dickinsons and our Host, Guy Fawkes


Lazy Daisy said...

Hey I like the pasty face white girl rendition...I thought Emily always wore white and carried a candle ( or is that Florence Nightengale with a lamp in the study with the candle stick....I get confused )

mompoet said...

Hey Daisy, Thanks for your visit! I read that about Emily Dickinson too - about the white clothing (I had not heard about the candle stick). I based my costume on the one photograph out there of Emily - probably taken before she began her reclusive years. I think when you are dead, people who are alive, see you as the most prominent past image they have in their minds. So if we both actually saw a dead poet, you would see him/her differently than I would, if our memory or imagining of that poet was different. Who knows, maybe different people saw me different ways? Maybe I was wearing white in some people's eyes. Anyway, they gave me the prize for best costume. That was a real honour!

Franci said...

Hey I look much more like Emily Carr in that photo. She must have done some poetry too? Must look. Dorothy Livesay wrote about "The Three Emilys" & so did I, unbeknownst. It's one of my short ones.

there have been three Emilys

by time
an ocean
a continent

sisters still

Franci Louann flouann@telus.net 1970’s
I saw Dorothy Livesay’s poem on this topic much later.

Dortohy used that plural for Emilys...
Wow you had 200 trick-or-treaters? I stand in awe, we had one...
I'm trying to copy the photo here, no luck...