Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Clean House

I saw The Clean House at the Vancouver Playhouse on Saturday. Each playhouse season is like a survey of historical periods, dramatic forms and styles. This was "the new play." It is absolutely wonderful. Very funny, absurd, tinged with a bit of surreal, with a big heart. I cried. I want to learn to speak Portugese. I want to write the world's funniest joke.

question: are you a cleaner-upper or a joke-teller?

mompoet - joke-teller


Anonymous said...

CBC is running a "clean house" contest on the am show. This morning the sister of one the "Early Edition" producers called to say that her sister is such a poor housekeeper that one Thanksgiving she got her turkey stuffed and ready to put in the oven ..... only to discover that the pan that she had cooked the Easter ham in was STILL in the oven. Made me feel like a VERY good housekeeper!


mompoet said...

Oh my gosh. Well at least I'm not that bad either! But did you ever find a blackened baked potato in the back corner of your oven and wonder, "what year is that from?" I have.