Friday, October 27, 2006


The Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming to a small local theatre near our home. Oh my, It's the James Cowan Theatre in Burnaby - about 500 seats. Michele and I get tickets. We arrive late and I brought the dog with me, so I have to figure out what to do with her, then a balcony materializes but the view is pretty good from where we're sitting, and it sounds good. But I'm distracted and the people in the audience keep getting up and switching seats and saying things like, "What show is this, anyway?" So Michele and I leave, but I don't seem to care. And later I think, "Wow. I missed that show. That's disappointing." And at the same time we hear music and cheering and then see a couple thousand people crossing the street from the theatre and running down the beach all happy and excited and I think, "I could go back there, but now it's too late."

Then I'm in a press conference/fan Q and A session with the band and there's only about 20 of us in the room and we can ask questions and all of the members of the band are just chatting away. But I brought this good novel so I'm slouched in my chair holding a book up in front of my face ignoring the whole thing. I think maybe I look kind of cool, not being impressed by the event. Then some manager person screens the band's latest rock video for us and the band members run to a limousine and drive away and I missed them again.

question: what do dreams mean?

mompoet - thinking maybe I should stop, look and listen?

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