Friday, November 04, 2005

where in the world

I have been considering where in the world the rat should go:

He could go to Brazil but people would say he's nuts.
He could go to Turkey but he's too chicken.
He could go to Istanbul but we already talked about that.
He could go to Syria but he refuses to take anything seriously.
He could go to Venice but he's afraid of root canals.
He could go to Madrid, but he'd have to buy a bolero.
He could go to Hollywood but he'd have to buy botox.
He could go to Disneyland, but he'd end up in a turf war with that mouse.
He could go to China but it's just too darn big.
He could go to Monaco but it's just too darn small.
He could go to France. It's just right, and good cheese, but too hot in Paris in November.
He could go to Kenya but he's afraid of getting trapped in a Killing-man-jar-o.
He could go to Australia but he's afraid of being mistaken for an underachieving kangaroo.
He could go to Japan but he would get an inferiority complex.
He could go to Germany but he's too messy and unfocussed.
He could to to Holland but he just wouldn't get it.
He could go to Belgium but those hedgehogs...ewww.
He could go to Bolivia but he might get a nosebleed.
He could go to Antarctica, but it's been done.
He could go to Samoa but his ankles are too thin.
He could go to Egypt but he's afraid of the sphynx.
He could go to Scotland but he's still insecure about his pronunciation of the word "scone."
He could stay in Canada, but that's pretty predictable.
He could start close to home then branch out.
This week: Eritrea!

In the summertime, all of the hitchhikers in the interior have signs with the name of the BC counterculture mecca: Nelson. I'm going to send him to Nelson. If it works out, he'll hitch a ride somewhere else. If not, Nelson's a pretty good place for a rat.

question: where oh where?

mompoet - the untravelled


Carol said...

Where did your sister move to again?

Wynn Bexton said...

A runaway rat, eh? Have you checked the Downtown East Side?

Hey Sue, nice to find you here.