Monday, November 28, 2005


How to disentangle pasta

How to roast a marshmallow

How to make "Beet Surprise Cake"

How to use an oven properly - an amazing technique using only 3 letters!

How to become a college professor

How to become a CIA agent
(comes with a warning - "this career is potentially life-threatening")

How to become an astronaut

How to protect chickens from predators

How to get the men in your house to put the toilet seat down
(warning - this one advocates withholding sex until the toilet seat gets put down - but it's confusing because the topic is "how to get the men in your house to...." what kind of a house is this?)

How to tell a knock-knock joke

How to greet the Pope

question: what the???

mompoet - you can do anything (maybe not very well, but you can do it)


Mango Lane said...

Greetings. The bandleader of the Friends of the Friendless marching band,aka Carol,has suggested the band members do a sort of meet`n`greet. I call myself Mango Lane and I am a blog groupie. I don`t have a blog but I like to read them. I checked out the ehow on being a CIA agent. I was quite intrigued by the information until I read one must be an American citizen. Alas, I`m Canadian.

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, your wonderful girlfriend....all these how to's and pole dancing too! You're my new hero! Love your site, and your insights. Thanks for visiting me....I'll be sure to check in on you regularly. Kathy

Pearl said...

Eccentricity makes the internet what it is. :-)

mompoet said...

Hey Pearl, Mango and Kathy, how about we go get jobs with the CIA (I'm Canadian too, they've just got to let us in). We could all pose as pole dancers and take down international criminals in exotic dance clubs all over the world.