Tuesday, November 29, 2005

shhhhh it's my birthday

It's not that I want to keep it a secret. I love it when people remember my birthday and call me or send a card or give me a hug and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. But right this moment I am enjoying some real quiet (especially now that the little caterpillar snow plow has finished scraping our street about 100 times). I have the day off work, and my husband is working and the kids are at school. The animals sleep all day so it is very quiet here. I am wasting time doing as little as possible. Actually I just found a whole bunch of google images of snowmen for my 2005 Christmas Card series "Snowmen in Canada." I also watched tv for a little while, but that was too noisy. Soon I will go to Kirsi's for a cup of tea. When I get home the house will be noisy again, but with people who I love so that is just fine. And they will hug me and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! so that is really fine.

If I was a stay-at-home mom I might get used to this, and not notice how nice this is. But today I am noticing and appreciating. I'm going to stop now. The keyboard is too noisy. shhhhh

question: when do you find quiet time?

mompoet - peaceful


Rhiannon said...

Happy Birthday mompoet!

I'm from the FFMB, thought I'd drop by and say "hi"...

Oh I need those quiet times myself dealing with such a chaotic world we live in and some "chaotic people". I live on my own no family or kids (wish I had them) so its alot of work keeping up with everything on ones own and quite lonely.

Love your family never take them for granted..

With Angel Blessings,

Pearl said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it is the entry to a year of connections, support, laughter and inspiration.

Carol said...

Happy Belated Birthday! How was it??

I work part-time and my kids are in school so I can create my quiet time whenever I want, pretty much. I still appreciate it though.

Great job of visiting the band members!

mompoet said...

Thank you my blogger friends. And thanks Carol for setting us all on the path to visiting each other's blogs.

I loved my birthday. Still 2 lunches to go and I got a toblerone and a book today. When I was little I thought birthday to Christmas was all just one big happy festival about...ME!!! That must explain a lot.