Tuesday, November 29, 2005

They won't give me a job at Hallmark

Long famed for its progressive approach to criminal incarceration and rehabilitation, Winnipeg Manitoba is the scene of this snow reunion. Here, a snow woman, sentenced to life in prison for bad makeup and inedible buttons, visits with her two year old daughter, who attends daycare on the prison grounds.

That is my idea of good copy for a Christmas card. Watch out if you are on my list, I have 13 in all, one for each province or territory. If you are lucky, you will receive one. Hallmark does not know what it is missing.

question: wouldn't it be fun to have your own greeting card company and be able to say whatever you want and people would buy it and give it to their friends?

mompoet - silly


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'd like it --- for once I would enjoye writing on cards! I can't stand having to go through all of that --- the Grinch is my hero

daughter dearest said...

hi mom,
i like your snow men in canada cards. You should make your own card company:) I'm up past my bed time so i'll have to go.
lots of love,

mompoet said...

Thanks jal, I started making these for my writer's group Christmas party last year. This year I'm going to hand them out to some of my friends.

Hey Fi - 10:30. I hope that's not central time...You know I got home about 10:40 and it looks to me like you've been sleeping for hours. Good work little trickster. By the way, I'm glad you like the cards. I will give you one. xox


fiona said...

well, what are you doing up at 10:53? and maybe i'm in australia!!!!