Saturday, November 26, 2005

Pole Dancing

We passed by the body piercing place (thank goodness) and here we were at Curves Fitness Studio (which I've never been to before, so I thought this is interesting but no great shakes). We went in and surprise! It was a pole dancing class. It was fun. So much fun. Three times I was lying on the floor laughing and that did not count the time I fell on my ass at the pole, so four! The pictures pretty much tell the story. Pole dancing is a fitness craze now, with classes starting up in clubs but also available for home parties, bachelorette bashes etc. For us, it was just Kathy, Michele, me, and three ladies who worked at Curves, including the pole dancing teacher. We shimmied and sashayed and swung round the pole and hooted and stuffed money in each others' pants and, well, I guess you had to be there. I have a hoarse throat from laughing and yelling so that's the sign of a good time. Afterwards we went back to Kathy's and had supper and more wine, and presents, and we made crafts (I made a pot chick and Kathy and Michele made a leaf fairy and a bead fairy). Thank you Kathy and Michele. You are the best. That was too much fun.

question: how much fun can a birthday be?

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Tabitha Dial said...


That does look like lots of fun...!!! :-)

Pearl said...

What great friends. Sounds like a fun time.