Friday, November 25, 2005

seismic activity?

Yesterday at 3pm the dog was trembling. Alex noticed it, so I suggested the "peanut butter spoon" approach. Boy and dog sat on the floor for about five minutes. By the time the spoon was licked clean the dog was feeling calm again, as reported by the boy.

The only things that scare Soleil are cameras, thunder and firecrackers. There were none apparent at the time. I remembered that there was a small earthquake on Wednesday, felt in Abbotsford and Chilliwack. I wonder if the dog was picking up on some lingering seismic activity. Or maybe she's figured it out, and she just wanted some peanut butter.

question: did the earth move?

mompoet - the only time I have ever noticed actual seismic activity was back in the 70s. I was home alone reading The Exorcist and wump! the house moved about a foot to the left. That was creepy.

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