Sunday, November 20, 2005

dream and real

I had this dream last night. In the dream I was 43 years old (like I am in real life) and pregnant with twins. I dream that I am pregnant fairly frequently, but never before with twins. Also, I am always distressed in my dreams about being pregnant. Heck, I don't want to be pregnant. I'm finished with babies. In those dreams I always worry if I have what it takes to do a good job, and I regret the loss of freedom that a baby brings, and I feel guilty for feeling that way... Anyway, in this dream I was matter of fact and positively cheerful about it. "Twins?" I said, "Great! of course I'll have twins - what else would I have?"

Then at church this morning there was a baptism of twins. I had no idea that a baptism was planned, and I've never seen twins baptised. So it was probably just a coincidence, but I've dreamed real before it happened many times, so I think it probably wasn't.

My friend Helmi writes down all her dreams and thinks about what they mean. I think about what they mean, then I forget them, but I remember patterns and repetitions, and I remember when I dream something then it shows up in real life. I didn't remember the twin dream this morning until the twins came into church. Then it came back to me.

question: what does this dream mean?

mompoet - definitely not pregnant

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