Saturday, November 26, 2005

Things my friends have not made me do (yet)

Last night Michele and Kathy took me out for my surprise birthday evening. They told me to dress in stretchy comfortable clothing, to not be concerned about footwear and to not drive. Andy dropped me off at Michele's office with some instructions: "No tattoos, no piercing...." Michele asked if there was anything that he would like to see and he said, "Naked?" Michele just laughed and we drove away.

Michele got her navel pierced at one of our birthday evenings. But that was her idea. Michele and Kathy campaigned for a couple of years to get me to smoke marijuana on my birthday but I made it clear that I do happy, giddy, surreal, and imaginative just fine without a drug so I they gave up on that one and I'm a pot virgin still at almost 44. What did they have planned for this year?

I was actually worried that we were going to the climbing wall. It's out in Maple Ridge near Kathy's house. I know I'm probably strong enough now that I could make it, but I'm not crazy about heights, and I have this awful picture in my mind of some 20-something gal or guy belaying me, then I lurch and yank his/her arm out of the socket or something. Yuk.

We started by going to Kathy's house. We had some wine and I gave the girls their gifts - leopard fleece scarved that I sewed. I made myself one too. They are snazzy and also very warm. Kathy said, we should bring these. We might be able to use them. Hmmm. Are we going skating? I asked? NOPE.

Then we drove into beautiful downtown Maple Ridge and we parked and got out and still they wouldn't tell me what we were doing. I saw a very scary sign but we did not go there.

mompoet - to be continued...

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