Sunday, November 20, 2005

Nelson is back

Some time late this afternoon, Nelson returned. He was waiting outside the door at supper time so I let him in. Now he is sitting on my kitchen counter. I'll wait for a clue from him about whether he wants to travel or stay home. He's pretty quiet about his adventure, but I think he liked Victoria.

I'm grateful that he got to go on this journey with a kindly neighbour. I am still working out the clues as to who it might have been. I think maybe that he found a family who has a dog, because Nelson does like dogs and also I noticed a blanket in the photo of the inside of the vehicle. I also think that he must have been hanging out with at least one vegetarian. As well, I think he found a family that is, like him (and me), left of centre politically. Now if I could just figure out why I hear rock and roll guitar echoes when I hold Nelson up to my ear, then I'd know for sure who he was with.

question: what next for Nelson?

mompoet - Oh, I have decided to call him by his middle name, as he did in his letter to me from Victoria. His full name is Not Nelson Ratzenwagger. Nelson for short.

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