Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Congratulations New Canadians

My Mom and Dad will get their Canadian citizenship on November 16. Hurray and congratulations! Unfortunately, due to cutbacks, the ceremony is private with no guests or onlookers allowed. Too bad. When I became a Canadian my family came and cheered and I had my picture taken with a Mountie and some ladies from the IODE served cookies and waved little flags.

Guess we'll have to have a real hoser cheese-head party for Mom and Dad when they come home. We can watch the hockey game, talk about where to buy cheap gas and jump up and down and yell Gomery-goo-gah! Then we'll paint maple leaves on our foreheads and run up and down the street yelling them come home and drink beer until we pass out.

O Canada!

Congratulations Mom and Dad. Welcome to your second country. Vote!

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