Wednesday, November 23, 2005

sweet mysteries

My dear friends Kathy and Michele are planning a birthday celebration for me and they won't tell me what it is, which makes it delightful. I am instructed to arrive at Michele's office on Friday at 5:30 with no car, and dressed in "sweats and a tshirt - something loose and comfortable." When I asked about footwear I was told, "Don't worry, you're not going to do a workout." So now I'm wondering what they have planned.

The easy clothing suits me fine, no matter what the plan may be. A couple of years ago Michele cooked me a birthday supper at her house, and I showed up at 7pm in my pajamas.

One year, Michele picked me up at work (in warm clothes, not pajamas). She took me to a city park in the dark where her husband was cooking spaghetti on the Coleman stove. There was a tablecloth, candles, wine glasses and a campfire for marshmallows. That was my most memorable birthday surprise.

The other part of birthdays is that the birthday woman always gives gifts to the other two. I would say what I have planned but I know Kathy and Michele sometimes read this blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise. I'll just give a clue: It's cheap, I'm making it myself. You Can't Return It!!! Doesn't that sound nice?

For my gift to myself I am taking a few days off work with no definite plans. Ahhh, sweet mysteries of life.

question: can you remember a good surprise?

mompoet - glad to have friends who feed my love of play, mystery and suspense

ps Michele and Kathy think it's funny to wait until I am drunk then ask me to recite a poem

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