Wednesday, October 19, 2005


up at five to drive ashleigh to the airport it was dark and wet then i drove home autopilot walked the dog dropped the costco membership cheque in a puddle didn't notice neighbour brought it to the door put it on the heating vent to dry took alex to the orthodontist teeth now in bondage with rubber band tying upper to lower jaw awwww nertz and he has to learn to hook em on himself then dropped him off and off to work hungry for lunch at 10:30 blast that raisin bran at 5:15am it just doesn't stick around long enough but walked in the rain first with laurie whose daughter just landed a double axel or is it axle i just don't know how to spell skating and emira at the papp told me how she and her family will close the shop for a week so they can go to their son's wedding in maui in november maui in november maui in november never been there but it sure sounds nice but i'll miss my americano so i'll have to go to il mercante which is good too then in the afternoon we sat in council chambers and rehearsed our presentation for the parks rec and culture commission which was a bit of a schmozzle because we were all distracted and i was the one doing the talking so i poured on smooth and the words that robin wrote sure sounded like i knew what i was talking about and louise and sherrard's slide show was beautiful and the power point ran so we left it set up just like that i think power point is lame but theirs was really good back at my office i just cleared piles of stuff off my desk if you leave work in a heap long enough everyone stops waiting for you to finish it and you can just throw it away hip hip hooray then chris came in and thank goodness john didn't kill a moose again on his annual hunting trip i think they'll both die if he ever does and he should just stop faking it drop the gun and take a camera but there's the boys arrrrr the boys arrrr a week in maui or 6 days in a fart cabin with the boys arrrr i know what i'd pick then it was time to go do the show and it went smooth and they said my voice sounded like a radio ad for a funeral home actually i just made that up because because because it was that kind of day yay long live the moose and may we meet in maui with nobody dead no nobody dead marry marry and live yay

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