Thursday, October 20, 2005

Vince Ready's Recommendations

Here's what mediator/faciliator Vince Ready is recommending, as posted on the BCTF website. BCTF Exec is meeting this evening to consider them.

The Ministry of Education website has no mention of Ready's recommendations or of the teachers' strike whatsoever. Perhaps they haven't noticed that there's a teachers' strike? Or maybe they think if they don't talk about it it will go away?

BCCPAC has no mention either of the Ready recommendation on their website, but they're parents and they're probably home with their children tonight. Maybe they'll lay us another golden egg in the morning.

Realistically, the teachers have the most to gain by publicizing the Ready report. They also use their website to get the info out to teachers around the province. It stands to reason that they are the ones getting the report out in this manner.

Watch the 11 o'clock news. Hug your kids. Read to them. Take them to the rally on Friday.

question: whose reality is real?

mompoet - who still thinks teachers and librarians are superheroes

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