Tuesday, October 25, 2005

making another book-baby

Our next Shoreline chapbook is in the works. The "Pub Committee" will meet Friday at Helmi's to pull it along as we approach its expected arrival date some time in mid-December. I am feeling like a negligent parent right now, having set my editing duties and writing responsibilities aside for work, the festival, family time...now I have to get to it, and I I'm feeling like I can't give the same quality of care and support that I have given the group and the process in past years.

One thing's for sure, the book will be great even with less of my input. We are each, individually, good writers/poets/editors and publishers. As a group, we are incredible. Our chapbooks are treasures. This one will be too. What I'm regretting is that I have not put the same kind of energy and love into this one so far. I hope I can still make up for it in the third trimester or its publishing equivalent. Offer foot-rubs? Bring some squash soup to the meeting? Just be there. Okay, yes, that's probably it. Just be there.

In the meantime I also have to work on supporting/critiquing Jody's beautiful poems and Brian's provocative story, and get my own act together with the rough and ready blurts that I call my own poems (grateful for the help of Michael, the editor who says he doesn't know poetry!). It will happen. And now my heart is pointed in the direction of this endeavour. Onward.

question: whatcha working on right now?

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