Monday, October 17, 2005

My other favourite blog

If you read my blog you know I love Dooce. But I also love Defective Yeti. Matthew Baldwin's mix of social commentary, movie and music reviews and family stories is always good. I love the stories featuring his wife (The Queen) and baby son (The Squirrelly). If you like board games he's a fanatic, and reviews those too.

Last week he posted a very personal entry about his son's diagnosis with ASD - autism spectrum disorder. Reading it, I was deeply moved.

Matthew and his wife and the Squirrelly have been in my thoughts ever since. I know from our family's experiences with our own son's differences that this is a confusing and frightening time for them. I also know that things can turn out better than you would ever expect, although it's long and hard for everyone in the first years of coping, learning and adjusting. I really believe that we are sent who we are sent because they need us and we need them. In our case, I think our son came to us because we were the right people to help him, but also because we needed the experience of learning and growing from him to be fully ourselves. Loving him has made me grow up the way nothing else could. I am a better person for it, and grateful now that I can breathe out and say, "Yes, he will be okay. He will have a happy life."

If you have a moment (and possibly some kleenex) please read Matthew's post. And send him your thoughts/prayers/white light - whatever you've got. His family needs it right now. In the long run, they will be okay. Better than okay in fact.

question: do you lean to fatalism or belief in random occurrence?

mompoet - yes

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