Sunday, October 09, 2005

church is good

I was tempted to sleep in today. The pillow felt so good and I knew an extra two hours would set me up for a really "filled-up-with-rest" feeling that I enjoy so much on the weekend. But I went to church, as I do by habit except when I'm out of town or for the occasional volunteer job.

Boy am I glad I went. Church is like going to the gym. It's strange, but investing an hour or two there seems to give me more time to do things during the week. Surrounded by my church community, and just thinking about God, I am reassured that I can do whatever it is that I need to do. It's not so much that I see a righteous path, it's more like I believe better in my own ability to follow it. I do pray during the week, but going to church is different. It's like a big lens that focuses the spiritual energy and tells me, "It's okay to be confused, or frightened, or frustrated, or filled with joy, or all of them at the same time. You can handle it because God is with you, believing in you as you believe in God."

Today in church I felt that way. Taking a couple of hours away from busy-ness and some challenges reminded me that I am made to do what I'm doing and I can do it with joy, and confusion and fear and frustration and sometimes all of them together and that's okay.

question: where do you find courage?

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Carol said...

Yes, through God and being a part of family, His Church.