Friday, October 21, 2005

momthink on working/walking

A month or so ago I booked today off work because it is a pro-d day. I work a flex schedule, so as long as I turn in 70 hrs every two-week cycle I can work as many or few days as I like - oh I have to take off 2 days in every 7. So I can work a couple of longer days then take a day off for a pro-d or just a stretch weekend, which I love.

But now we are walking off the job in support of the teachers. So I'm going to work to not work.

Partly, I don't want to appear to be avoiding taking a day off without pay by saying "I had it off already." Partly I want to be actively involved in the protest. Staying home in my pajamas is tempting, but the teachers are already out there in the dark and the cold, and there's the rally....we need to fill the rally to show support.

So I'm going to work on my day off to not work.

I'm still wrestling with the matter of pay. I think I will still get paid unless I flex another day off next week, but I suspect I'll be too busy getting all of my suspended/postponed programs going again if/when schools reopen next week. So I could flex a day off, then work it and get paid overtime, which would be really bizarre.

If I just work 5 days next week I will get my full 2-weeks' pay at the end of the cycle, even though I'm walking off the job today...if that makes sense. I think I should donate a day's pay to the union, or the teachers, or to charity. I'll ask my union rep.

If this sounds weird to you, welcome to mom-think. Checking in with 3 of my co-workers last night, they were going through the same ethical contortions. We are all moms.

question: which layer of good is the innermost? how much does the outermost matter?

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