Sunday, October 30, 2005

How awful can it be and still be funny?

My friend Brian told me about something he saw on television so I looked it up on google. WARNING...DO NOT LOOK AT THIS IF YOU THINKS JOKES ABOUT CANNIBALISM ARE NOT FUNNY: Hufu

I'm still trying to figure out:

A. Is this for real? (I think probably not)
B. Is this really clever and funny? or has it crossed the line to cruelly horrible? (can it be both?)
C. Am I doing the wrong thing telling one more person about it? (well, you'll hear about it somewhere else if not already)
D. Can I admire the art but despise the thought? (I think probably not)

If you are strong of stomach and have a really stretchy sense of humour, check it out. If not, skip it.

Bonus: on each page there's an "escape" link for if you are feeling queasy. Check where it sends you!

question: already asked too many

mompoet - now reconsidering the wisdom of naming my squash

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