Monday, October 03, 2005

comfort food

Daughter has a cold. Last night she sang in a hurricane relief benefit concert. At supper time she wanted chicken noodle soup and orange juice. I have also been giving her echinacia and lots of water, and I made her eat broccoli, which she likes, but it didn't occur to her to ask for it when she has a cold.

When I have a cold or I'm feeling sorry for myself, I want pasta with butter and salt and parmesan cheese. I drink water. My son's a pasta guy too. Andy eats toast.

On the way home from the concert, daughter ate salt and vinegar potato chips, which we both love, and we sang our silly going-home-from-something-good song (she sings backup to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" while I sing a story about what we've just done in a very high and gurgly voice). We both killed ourselves laughing.

Sometimes when you feel yucky a couple of little things like that will make it bearable. I'm glad my girl and I speak the same language of comfort.

question - what do you eat when you feel yukky?

mompoet - flannel pajamas and socks that my mom knit for me

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Carol said...

Whatever my husband makes...
and I am feeling like I'm getting sick now.
I like wearing my pyjamas all day, too.