Saturday, October 22, 2005

Two kindsa potatoes

I'm making potatoes au grautin for the creamy potato lovers and garlic/olive oil potatoes for the garlic lovers who abstain from dairy. We'll take the potatoes and a biiiiiiig salad (yet to be made) to Louise's house where we will have supper with Louise and Sam and Sam's girlfriend Vicky and also with Robin and Ralph and Emma. Everyone is bringing something. Last time we all shared a meal was Fort Ebey in August so it is time. And this is the first time we'll meet Vicky.

In case you have never made garlic/olive oil potatoes, here's how:

Wash but do not peel as many russet potatoes as you like.
Chop them into cubes (smallish but not so small as hash browns).
Toss them in a large bowl with good olive oil (enough to coat the lot) and as much garlic as you can bear, extruded from your garlic press, or minced if you don't have a garlic press.
Add some more garlic. Really.
Spread them out in a pan or casserole or two that has been lightly oiled with more olive oil (it's good for you, so it's okay!) potatoes should be about an inch deep (deeper works but will take longer to cook).
Bake in the oven anywhere from 350 to 425, depending on what else you have in there. Lower takes longer, hotter goes quicker, but they're flexible.
About every 15 minutes or so, stir and flip them to help them crispy-roast all over.
(Good guide - if you finish your glass of wine and you haven't flipped them, get up and flip them).
Your house will smell like garlic. This is good.
They are done when they are golden and crispy on almost all sides of each potato bit - but don't be a perfectionist - just eat them when you can't stand to wait any longer, or when whatever it is else you are cooking is ready.
Rule of thumb: cooked longer is crispier and so better.
Good with just about anything. Great re-heated for breakfast.
Yum yum.

question: what's for supper at your house?

mompoet - cooking communally

ps I just read that - now you know why I will never be a successful cookbook writer - bla bla bla

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