Monday, October 01, 2007

water dream

I dreamed last night that I was a lifeguard at a city swimming pool. A large amount of money had to be left on site overnight at the pool. Another lifeguard and I were assigned to stay at the pool all night to safeguard the money until it could be taken to the bank the next day. We were instructed to stay in the pool, in the water. We were given floating devices but warned that the water would be very cold, and we might get hypothermia, so it was important that we keep each other awake so neither of us would slide off the floaty and drown.

I tried to phone a supervisor and say that I thought we could do just as good a job guarding the money out of the water, and didn't we have a safe anyway? but nobody would listen.

question: what do dreams mean?

mompoet - thinking I was thinking I know what I need to worry about and what will take care of itself

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