Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Rumblings

I had night-before-event sleep last night. Three hundred sixty four days a year I win the prize for fastest the sleep and sweetest repose, but last night the rain pounded, trains shunted down at the inlet and I actually dreamed wrong times on the bedside alarm clock (How can it be 7 o'clock, then 5:15, then 6 o'clock then 7 again?).

This morning I am a bit grumpy and partly distracted about church because I read in the local paper yesterday that ours is one of five area churches that has applied for approvals to operate a temporary, rotating cold/wet weather shelter for homeless people this winter. I am so excited and delighted about this, wondering how I haven't heard about it until now, thinking (hoping not) it may be a typo or mistake, planning already to volunteer when it's our turn. Also, I'm eager to know that we'll get enough people signed up for a Food Safe Course I've helped organize for our sandwich-makers and banquet-servers. The project is in good hands with me away, but still...

Also, I am dithering about a poem to take as an endpiece to my hosting hour. Usually I have one that chooses itself because I love it so. But this time I'm at sea. Oh well. Something will come up before it's time. I hope.

I know today will be a great (wet) day. It will be funny and delightful in unexpected ways. All of the poets will be comfortable, happy and appreciated, and if they are not all 100% so, it will not be because we didn't do our best. That's all we can do, after all.

question: do you ever grump and grumble then get on with it?

mompoet - stalling in sludge

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