Thursday, September 13, 2007

one more sleep

We're going to the sunshine coast, the ladeez and me. We leave on the ferry Friday morning. We're staying

in the big house
on top of the rock
beside the ocean
in the private cove
with the seals
and corgis
and boats
and Nelson
and wine
and pajamas
and did I mention, Myrna, Kirsi, Karen, Leanne, Cathy
and me
and a hot tub

It's a September tradition. We'll spend the weekend re-connecting and relaxing. I can hardly wait!

question: do you have a getaway that you enjoy every so often?

mompoet - lucky, happy, excited

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Muhd Imran said...

Yes! Like you, I'll go off every so often on the weekends with my family to Changi Beach Park and enjoy a picnic, sun and a swim in the sea.

My therapeutic escape from stress of work.

Have a good re-connection week!