Thursday, September 13, 2007

Twisted Poets

I'll read at next Tuesday evening's Twisted Poets Literary Salon, hosted by Pandora's Collective. Here's a link to their page about the event.

I have some practising and re-memorizing to do to get ready. When I was at Twisted Poets in May, someone requested that I perform "Mother's Day." I told her that I would do it when I came back to feature. So I have to work on that one because I haven't performed it in several months.

My friend Irene is planning to come with me. It should be a fun evening. There's an open mic, so I'll get to hear her read, along with other great poets who come out for the evening.

question: did you ever mean to type into a browser bar, but accidentally type in

mompoet - sadly, there is no panda's collective

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