Monday, September 10, 2007


I ate lunch at my desk today. It was a nice big container of fresh veggies with home-made dip in a separate container. I'm reading email and dipping sugar peas in dip and licking my finger and...what's that? not dip? I look at my finger and it's got some clear gel-like substance on it. Yuk! Investigation reveals that my mini zero-pak frozen thing that keeps food cool in my lunch bag has sprung a leak. It leaked gel all over the inside of my lunchbag. Some got on my veggie container. From there it got on my finger. From there it got in my mouth. uggggg blblblblblblblblbl!

question: yuk?

mompoet - don't lick your finger without looking first

ps - I once ate the little silica pack out of a jar of vitamins because I didn't look and I thought I'd shaken out a vitamin. The lady at poison control just laughed for about 5 minutes.


Kristene said...

Yuk! I once woke up hungover (gasp - I was young and foolish) and craving milk. I knew I had a small carton of chocolate milk so I stumbled into the kitchen, whipped open the fridge, grabbed the contained and chugged. Turns out I had accidentally thrown out the new milk and stuck the old, quite sour milk in there.

You can guess what happened next.

Always check expiry dates.

mompoet said...

York, that's worse than mine. Bluk.