Monday, September 03, 2007

Thundering Word Heard Again

One of the losses felt in Vancouver's creative community when T. Paul Ste. Marie died this spring was the end of Thundering Word Heard, T. Paul's own open mic for music and spoken word. TWH was a Sunday evening institution at Cafe Montmartre on Main Street. T. Paul brought in amazing features and encouraged many beginning and returning musicians, poets and storytellers to get up on the stage and share their stuff. It was a good show, and a welcoming community event.

Last night, Thundering Word Heard was brought to life again by Bill McNamara and Wanda Sue Nowicki at Montmartre. The restaurant was packed, with people jamming the entryway and spilling onto the sidewalk to get a glimpse and a listen. I didn't stay until the end, but I caught features Valentino Assenza from Toronto and Rob Gee from the UK. It was especially nice to see Rob, who spent a week billeting at my parents' home during the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in fall 2005. There were some great open mic performances too, including a young blues singer/guitarist who had us all on our feet at the end of his 10 minute set.

The night was in part a tribute to T. Paul, and in part a celebration of our community in all its vibrant creativity. I was glad to be a part of it. Bill and Wanda Sue's TWH will continue on the first, third and fifth Sundays of every month, if you want to check it out. Get there by 7:30 for a seat (earlier if you'd like to enjoy some of host Ali's delicious crepes or pizza). Admission is by donation.

question: have you heard the thundering word?

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Pearl said...

I haven't heard of it before but remembering in tributes is always good for the community.

Muhd Imran said...

Yes, but in Asia, it means a scolding... which I had plenty of when I was growing up. Well, I deserve it anyway.

Sounded you had a great time. Cool in fact. Good for you.