Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How we got to and from the Sunshine Coast

That's Myrna's van, being towed back to us at the place where we stopped for lunch (and parked illegally) on our way in to Sechelt. The bylaw officers and tow truck drivers are very nice and helpful in Sechelt. Next time we go to Sechelt we will be careful where we park.

The trip on the ferry was kind of surreal. First of all, our Premier Gordon Campbell was on board, just riding like any other British Columbian. He was with his wife and Bill Good from the TV news. Nobody bugged them, which is typical I think of polite British Columbians. A guy's gotta take a ferry sometimes, even if he is the Premier.

Then the captain told us to go look out the window at a cruise ship. Yup, that's a cruise ship, not our ferry. The ship was on its way in or out of Vancouver harbour. I can' remember. I ate too much kettle corn and I was ogling the Premier.

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