Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday morning vocab by illustration (with links)

cozy - Saturday morning, rhubarb pecan muffins in the oven, new slippers, coffee brewing, North by Northwest on the Radio (talking about cooking)

delighted - driving Fiona to rehearsal soon. She got the part of Wendy in Peter Pan. She will learn how to fly for this production.

anticipating - Word on the Street is tomorrow. Because of the city strike, most of the event has been moved across the street to the Canada Post parking lot. Pouring rain and high winds are predicted. What will it be like this year?

dread head - going to see Julie this morning for a haircut and some colour magic to disguise the silver threads that have grown over the summer - this will involve a very tight plastic bonnet and a crochet hook thingy poked into my head repeatedly (beauty has its price)

disbelief - Dinosaurs in Stanley Park

appreciation - two movies this week: 3:10 to Yuma at the theatre (pretty good), Knocked Up on DVD (starts out crude, ends up sweet, great if you have a taste for the two co-mingled - I do!)

enthralled - reading Conceit by Mary Novik - delicious (she'll be at Word on the Street)

overwhelmed/triumphant - September really is something - we made it, we did it, we got back to work, back to school, toes inside shoes, heads back into routines, phew

question: what do these words mean to you?

mompoet - full of life, full of words

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