Saturday, October 13, 2007

late Friday, early Saturday

I'm usually up early on Saturday morning to take Fiona to where she volunteers and rehearses all day, but I'm up even earlier today. I have organized a Food Safe certification course at our church. This course will teach us all how to safely prepare, store and serve food. Churches all over are getting their people trained so when we have community meals, or do things like prepare sandwiches for our downtown mission, we are using safe practices. Twenty-five people have signed up. We have an instructor booked. It's an all-day thing. Unlike CPR/First Aid, you do it once and that's that.

Last night I stayed up late to wait for Alex to come home. He went to the Senior Sail, a boat cruise dance for Grade 11 and 12 students. He will graduate from high school this year. The Senior Sail is the beginning of the social calendar for grads. He was pretty nervous, not being a dance-attending sort of person. The event was formal, so he got even more dressed up than we do at Christmas (first time in a tie). He looked very handsome. When he came home at midnight he was glowing. They had a wonderful time. Lots of friends were on board. They sailed out under the Lion's Gate Bridge and into False Creek towards Science World. He is very glad that he went.

So now I must awaken, pack a (safe) bag lunch and get ready to go. I'm not sure which end is up, but I'll figure that out. I think I'll crash early tonight.

question: had any short turnarounds lately?

mompoet - I really prefer 8 hours on Friday night at least (yawwwn)

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