Friday, October 26, 2007

it just can't be

I am sitting quietly in my kitchen. It's 6:40am. I'm the only one up. Outside my kitchen window is our parking spot and our neighbours Chris and Rhonda's parking spot. There is a scraping sound.

It is not someone scraping frost from a car window. It just can't be.

Puleeeeeeeze. It is only October. I love winter but I don't like scraping. I don't have time for scraping this morning. Please make it be a wolverine trying to remove the siding from my house. Make it an alien emerging from a pod that was buried in my garden by comrades from the mother ship 14 years ago. Make it be anything but frost on a car window.

It stopped. Must not be much frost, or a very small alien, or a non-persistent wolverine.


question: it's still October, isn't it?

mompoet - it's cold and scary out there


Pearl said...

Dipping below zero here now and then too. (shudder-shiver)

Lynn Valley Girl said...

What is a wolverine? Ha Ha ha!!
BBRRRR - it has been chilly this week but in our family, we happily welcome winter!

Lynn Valley Girl said...

oops...I meant WAS it a wolverine...bad typing.

mompoet said...

Bundle up Pear! Oh, LVG, it was a wolverine! It breathed icy cold all over my car windows AND it tried to scratch the siding off my house. Then it ran up the street to play with Hugo the cat, I think.