Saturday, October 27, 2007

A new baby chapbook about to be born

The Shoreline Writers' Society Chapbook group met at Helmi's house last night. We talked about our next book, determined the order of the stories and poems inside, and celebrated yet another collaboration. Before Christmas we'll have our book in our hands.

This year's book is our 8th. It's hard to believe we have made so many. This one is titled "Under the Sink" after a poem by Jody Spink. We have 9 contributors this year, and what I think will be our best book ever.

While we drank wine and enjoyed a potluck meal we reflected on many things: past books, and group members not in on the project this year, the process of shared selection and editing, how we release our work into the world, mostly be gifting it to our friends and family, but also with a few sales and the obligatory copies sent to the national library. I have been missing a few meetings this summer and fall, so I felt glad to reconnect with the group. Though we do most of our editing by email exchange, time spent face-to-face is the best, and in a way the reward for all of our work.

We may or may not have a launch, depending on how we all feel. We will all be delighted to receive our copies, and to set our work free into the world. Before that there's work to be done (mostly by Helmi and Fred) to do the copy editing and actually put the book together. At this moment it feels like the 9th month of pregnancy. Soon another book will be born.

question: do you have a group project that you especially enjoy?

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Pearl said...

That's fun, very sociable with the potluck part.