Monday, October 01, 2007

Wet Good Festival

Word on the Street was literally waterlogged, but its wonderful spirit was un-dampened. Lots of people braved the rain to hear their favourite authors and poets read and recite, and to pick up great deals on books and magazines. The re-designed site plan was successful. In fact, the location for Poets' Corner was probably better than our usual - less sound interference from other tents and lots more light into the afternoon. Although attendance was down over all, our venue was as busy as ever. The poets on stage were great - a wonderful variety of voices and experiences reflected in their work. As volunteer organizers we were made quite comfortable - there was a lovely volunteer and VIP lounge (relocated from the library to a nearby hotel) and roving pizza-givers to ensure we had something to sustain us when we couldn't leave our posts. I heard Mary Novik read from Conceit and got Marita Dachsel's to sign her book all things said and done for me after I hosted her hour in our tent. At the end of the day I found my feet dry, my head wet, my backpack soaked (no harm done) and my umbrella full of water under a table. We had a successful and enjoyable day.

question: did you ever do a "sunny day thing" on a rainy day?

mompoet - happy, tired and now all dry

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