Thursday, October 11, 2007

more jello (and some theories)

Mishaps of a minor but annoying sort continue to abound. Gates are locked when they should be open, cooler chests leak onto car seats, file bins and first aid kits go mysteriously missing, wrong numbers dialed, wrong turns are taken, email explosions, appointments missed and misunderstood. I have a couple (or so) theories:

1. Astrologist Theory: It's Mercury retrograde (planet's fault)
2. Scientific Theory: no causal connection demonstrated, so it's coincidence (no fault)
3. Superstitious Theory: it's a poltergeist haunting you, waiting to be released from its compulsion to do naughty things (wee beastie's fault)
4. New Age Spiritual Theory: It's karma (my fault)
5. Pseudo psychological New Agey Theory: It's bad energy being released all around me (my fault or the fault of whoever did whatever made me have bad energy, but mine really for allowing it to affect me)
6. Angry Feminist Stereotype Theory: It's a symptom of oppression (men's fault)
7. Economist Theory: It's because of the Canadian dollar (US's fault)
8. Kindergarten Theory: It's not my fault it's not my fault it's not my fault (your fault)
9. Holistic Wellness Theory: You aren't exercising or eating healthy enough foods so you are out of balance (my fault again)
10. Pessimist Black Hole Theory: life sucks. get used to it (all fault)

question: what do you think is going on?

mompoet - all out of theories

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carol said...

Hmmm, so many to choose from...