Thursday, October 25, 2007

two compliments

I am frazzled after a 10.5 hour workday starting at 7 this morning, then a too long wait at the blood donor clinic and ooops no supper but I didn't think I'd be there that long. Now I have some egg in the hole and a glass of milk in my tum and the world is turning right side up again. I can reflect with joy and gratitude on two compliments that I received today:

from Kathy: (who phoned me on my cell while I was waiting in the lineup to get plugged in at the clinic so I had to whisper "thanks") "I just want to tell you how proud I am of you for the way you are leading the Artist's Way group. You are a natural teacher."

from Fiona: (who was cooking 'kess-a-dillas" - rhymes with gorillas - like on Napoleon Dynamite while I cooked my eggies) "Mom, you're the expensive smelly cheese that holds this kess-a-dilla family together. Not that you stink or anything. You're just fancy, so you're smelly, but you hold us together."

Thank you very much, beloveds. That was just what I needed as I jambled pell-mell through a day without a moment for which-what-who.

question: did you ever have somebody say the right thing to you at just the right time?

mompoet - ahhhhh

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Carol said...

Yes, ma'am.

I still have a chance of being the 3000th...