Monday, January 08, 2007

today is the fulcrum

between holiday and every day. The kids go back to school today. Andy, despite his awful cold, has been working through the holidays. When I booked my days I decided to keep "the first day back" just for myself, so I return to work Tuesday instead of Monday. It's delicious to have just one more day before I return to the routine of every day.

Three weeks has been remarkable. I'm thinking about what I did on the first day of my vacation, and it seems like ages ago. Having the kids out of school for a whole week after New Year's Eve has also been great. We spent relatively little holiday time building up to Christmas, and most of it relaxing afterward.

I think this is the laziest, most relaxed vacation I have ever taken. We did not go anywhere. We did not tackle any major projects. We even had relatively few social commitments. It was mostly spontaneous. Fiona's show went well, and even the driving to and from West Vancouver was nice (except for that night that the roads were flooded and my car made a weird noise every time I made it wade through a puddle, then we saw a car identical to mine stalled in the middle of the highway - very reassuring).

A lot of things I thought I would do I did not do. A couple of things I didn't think of I did do. Getting sick was a definite negative, but I'm getting over it, and I was less stressed to be sick on vacation than I would if I was missing work and not being able to get the kids to their activities and regular responsibilities done.

I think I can go back to work tomorrow and say, "Yes, I am ready again." But I'm not going to think about that today. Today I will enjoy one more lazy day.

question: did you ever enjoy a planless vacation?

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