Friday, January 19, 2007

Another movie

I stayed home this morning and watched Born in Absurdistan, an Austrian movie made in 1999. It's about two couples in Vienna whose babies are switched at the hospital. One couple is deported to Turkey and the other couple (the husband is an Austrian immigration official) go to Turkey to find their baby. It's lightweight and romantic, but makes some good points gently. The director uses a device of re-playing some scenes more than once, so you see the action from a different point of view. This is really effective and is, I think, the main point of the movie.

There's not much on the web about it, but you can read a negative review here on IMDB. I found the review almost as entertaining as the movie.

Without spoiling the outcome, I'll say that the ending of this movie is not realistic, but satisfying anyway. I viewed and enjoyed it as social commentary, which I prefer to have served up with curiosity and playfulness. This is a loveable movie, but not silly. I fell for the characters and the situation, and enjoyed the outcome. I recommend it, definitely.

question: what movies have you seen lately?

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