Friday, January 26, 2007

anniversary joke

Brian at cycle class told us a joke. I'm telling it here in honour of my Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary, which is on Friday, February 2.

A man was being interviewed about his long and successful marriage. The interviewer asked, "You've been married to your wife for almost 50 years. What's your secret?" "Well," the man answered, "You have to be really nice to your wife, and do something extra special on your 25th anniversary. For example, I took my wife to Paris on our 25th." "Oh, that's very nice of you," said the interviewer, "What do you plan to do for your 50th?" The man answered, "I think I'd better go back there and bring her home now."

question: I wonder why my parents chose February 2? Are groundhogs especially romantic?

mompoet - I know, I know, it was a Saturday, and Valentine's Day was not. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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Imran said...

Congratulations to your parents!

Just like my parents, I want to have a lasting marriage with Wifey and live our lives together... through thick and thin.

Have a very good weekend!