Sunday, January 28, 2007

my favourite gizmo

I don't much like many gizmos. I do have a palm pilot with a keyboard, and this home computer that I'm using to post my blog works pretty well too, but I don't go out searching for more gizmos just for the sake of gizmos.

The one gizmo that has totally blown me away is my braun 3D electric toothbrush. We bought it when Alex got braces, which was about 2 1/2 years ago. I'd never used an electric toothbrush before but I do like to brush my teeth. a lot. There's something about smooth, clean, fresh-tasting teeth that is very nice. Anyway, within about a day of getting this thing I was sure I could never live without one again.

Here's a yahoo video of someone explaining why he likes the braun 3D. I agree with everything he says. I'm also glad he didn't do a demo. You just have to try one for yourself.

The best part? Our friend Robin bought it for us. It was on sale at Costco when we were on vacation, so I gave her the money and she bought it.

That has to be the world's best gizmo: clean teeth + I didn't shop for it myself + still works fine after 2 years plus. Even better than my palm pilot. Definitely better than my cellphone. Probably wouldn't trade it for a computer, but I would have to give that some hard thought before I could be sure.

I know I mentioned a bread machine in a previous post. I do have that. But Andy bought it. I just went along with it, although I'm the family bread-maker so I'm the one who uses it. I did nix the rice cooker and the juicer, although we do have a waffle iron and a microwave. And a wine corker, and a really nice garlic press, but those are low tech and necessary for a minimal quality of life. They also contribute to the need for a good toothbrush.

hmmm now I want to brush my teeth.

question: what's your favourite gizmo?

mompoet - procrastinating

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Imran said...

My DOPOD C800 PDA...

Then again I now fancy Apple's iPhone that is going to be available in Singapore in Jan next year, while procrastinating a Braun's SoniClean toothbrush for hard-to-reach and stubborn plaque in exchange for my current electric toothbrush.

Wow! That's a mouth-full!

Have a good week ahead.