Wednesday, January 03, 2007

how sick?

  • I have checked email only once yesterday and once today.
  • I watched TV all day yesterday and today.
  • That included daytime TV.
  • I have not read anything except email.
  • There are piles of things all around the house and I don't care.
  • I am not interested in coffee.
  • I think Tyra Banks and Maury are mildly interesting and might even have some social value.
  • I know all the new commercials before the kids do.
  • I do not want a glass of wine.
  • I wore pajamas to sleep last night.
  • I have postponed Macbeth.
  • I got Andy to return my videos and I did not ask him to bring me more.
  • Snot is my destiny.
  • The dog has been waiting 3 days for me to take her for a walk.
  • I have not taken any photographs for a week.
  • We might keep the Christmas tree up until Valentine's Day. Who cares?
  • I am tired now so I am going to watch more TV.
  • The dog wants to go for a walk with me, but otherwise is in heaven. Ditto the cat. They like it when I am still.
  • Husband and kids are getting tired of it, but are being very kind.
  • I have a hard time following through on

question: did you try this cold that's going around?

mompoet - yukko blukko

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