Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I have been dreaming like crazy every night for the past week or so. So much dreaming that I can remember just bit of it, but I think the parts you remember are the important ones.

Here are some fragments:

I'm with my family, camping with friends. We go out for the day and return to find our tent and all of our belongings stolen. Where will we stay?

Andy and I invite two couples from the neighbourhood over for supper. Our friends are sitting in the dining room as we put food onto the table. We keep running in and out of the kitchen saying, "wait! there's more!" After about an hour of manic table-loading we discover that our friends have given up, left without saying good-bye, and gone for supper somewhere else.

The family is going on a vacation that we have planned for a long time. I took care of getting passports. I forgot to get one for myself.

It's late at night and nobody has walked the dog today. I take her outside, get in the car and drive around the neighbourhood with the dog sitting in the front seat. There. Now she's gone for a walk.

I have not dreamed any memorable surreal dreams for the past while, just these ordinary life gone slightly askew kinds of dreams. I've been waking up tired like I worked hard in my dreams to make things turn out, but things keep happening to frustrate my intentions or I make wrong choices and end up disappointed.

I think our dreams reveal to us how we are feeling about what's happening in our waking hours. They illustrate to us our response to our experience with some of our daytime thought-censors turned off. I'll have to think about these dream-bits and figure out what they're telling me. It could be central and important, or just some firing-off of reactions around the edges - like how my leg twitches when I'm about to fall sleep, taking the last few steps that I didn't take but meant to during the day.

question: do you remember your dreams?

mompoet - sometimes amused, frequently confused, always bemused


Lynn Valley Girl said...

I flew in my dream last night...Flew and flew and flew. I held my arms out like Superman and flew very fast. And then I "swam" in the air to go even faster. Laura was with me, flying.

mompoet said...

I like flying dreams! How lovely to have Laura with you, flying.