Thursday, January 25, 2007

Haiku Movie Revew

Inspired by Stephen's post (which was inspired by another blog - you can follow the links).

Kinky Boots (warning - contains spoiler)

steel-shanked pink sex shoes
factory saved, true love found
niche marketing rocks

question: what have you seen that you can tell in seventeen syllables?

mompoet - thinking about haiku barbeque assembly instructions


Stephen said...

And another web trend is born!

Anonymous said...

I loved Kinky Boots! It made me laugh & cry. Now after your clip I'm going to have to watch "Pretty in Pink".

Easthill Lady

mompoet said...

Stephen, thanks for visiting, I'll keep posting. Seventeen syllables is a wonderful cure for verbosity!

Thanks Easthill lady. I loved Kinky Boots too. I think Pretty in Pink is not one of the best movies I've seen, but it does have a big heart, some good tunes, and hilarious fashions. It's fun and a bit sad to look at the "brat pack" then and think about who went on to what kind of success and who has faded away.