Saturday, January 13, 2007

They are trying to close our school again

A few years ago the School Board did a "consolidation" of elementary schools. In response to declining enrolment, they reviewed 8 schools and closed 3. I helped lead the campaign to keep our mighty little neighbourhood elementary school (about 180 children, kindergarten to fifth grade) open.

Now they're at it again. Numbers are down further, and projected to continue to decline. Our little school is about 80% occupied, but the bigger school near by could easily absorb all of our kids with room to spare. Alex and Fi are now in secondary and middle school, so we don't have anyone enrolled at the elementary any more, but it's an important part of our community that we support wholeheartedly. If it closes, our neighbourhood will lose one of its anchors.

There's a meeting at the school Monday night. Stakeholder will present to school district staff who will write a report that will come out in February, recommending which schools to close. I'll be at the meeting to give my love and support to the parents who are leading the charge this time. It doesn't feel so hopeful this time. But still we can hope.

question: did you ever fight to keep something that was important to you?

mompoet - heavy-hearted


Imran said...

Wow! I've seen it on TV and movies, but never thought I would actually encounter a real one.

It's a tough decision to make.

On one hand a larger with modern facility school can be efficient and cost effective, while another is the great sentimental value and meaning the school has with the neighbourhood people and its former students.

The very least it can be turned into a community centre where enrichment classes and constructive activities can be done to especially keep kids off the streets and bad company; and the adults with more skills to improve for a better prospect.

Take care and all the best to your cause.

mompoet said...

Thanks Imran. I guess there could be a positive outcome, if something else good occupies the building. Let's keep our fingers crossed.