Sunday, July 30, 2006

All kinds of delicious

Nothing big or important to report, just a collage of delicious things that I noticed or that happened around me during the past few days...

  • At Costco (which is not my idea of delicious, but I needed salad and they have those big boxes for next to nothing) there are always ladies in hairnets and aprons serving tidbits of whatever's new or yummy. I never take the tidbits. It's so contrary to my idea of how food should be consumed (slowly, definitely sitting down, and noticed). But there was one of those same ladies (they all look the same - youngish grandma types) demonstrating a karaoke machine. When I came in she was singing "Delta Dawn, what's that flower you have on? Could it be a faded rose from days gone by?" She was actually pretty good, and I've just never seen anything like that, least of all at Costco.
  • Fi received a birthday email from her cousins who are vacationing in South Africa which included an announcement from her twin cousin Lukas (born on the same day as Fi).
    Hey FIFI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guess what? At precicely 12 o'clock last night, I woke up and I felt like I had changes in my physical structure. I went to the the washroom and I looked in the mirror. Guess I what I saw!!!Yes excactly! I had grown 10 feet ( both ways), I had a wonderful moustache like Hercule Poirot, and a magnificent beard just like Abe Lincoln!! I quikly went and borrowed my dad's razor and cut my nose off by accident. SO I went to the plastic surgeon's house and asked if he had a replica of Michael Jackson's nose. He had one so he glued the nose on and gave me a boob job too. Then he shaved off my beard but left my moustache. Now I look like a mixture of Michael J. , Pamela Anderson and my hero Alex. My parents were thrilled!!! So I walked out into the street and right away every person in Johannessburg started whistling and winking at me and saying '' you're hot!!!''!!!!!!!!!!! So, did your physical structure change as much as mine did? Did you leave your moustache like Alex's? Anyways, HHHHHHAAAAAAPPPPPYYYYYYY BBBBBIIIIIRRRRTTTTTTHHHHHDDDDDAAAAAYYYYY TTTTOOOOOO YYYYYYOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd just like to wish you a very merry b-day and a joyful summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE END,
  • My friend Irene Livingston emailed me to say that this white bird that comes to her place every year only on fireworks nights is back. Nobody can tell where the bird comes from or where he/she goes. It's just one of life's sweet mysteries.
  • I'm reading this very good book.
  • I was sleeping Sunday morning and dreamed about my friend Louise's kitchen. Andy and I were visiting her at her old house. We were looking out the window and there was thunder then a hole opened up in the sky and fire was shooting down from the sky to the earth. It was spectacular, and we felt no sense of danger. I hurried up to finish loading the dishwasher, which was in the living room, where there are no windows, so I could wheel it into the kitchen to hook it up and continue looking out the kitchen window with Louise and Andy. I had to roll it down a step into the kitchen, so they helped me. That's my second pushing things with wheels dream. I'm curious about what it means. When I woke up there was real thunder. It was 6am, so I let the dog into our bedroom so she wouldn't be scared. She wanted to come into the bed but she's way too big.
  • Later Sunday morning it bucketed during the service at church. What a gorgeous feeling to be inside listening to it running down both sides of the tall roof of the church.
  • I wore my pajamas until 12:30pm on Saturday.
  • Alex drove the car 4 times this weekend with me as co-pilot. Getting better each time.
  • Andy and I watched Syriana on Saturday night. Not really delicious, but glad I got to see it. Lots to think about there, especially with current developments in Israel and Lebanon.
  • Mom and Dad brought us 10lbs of cantaloupes from Lynden WA. I like cantaloupes.
  • Fiona's show was spectacular, awesome, wonderful. Not just from a mom. The precision and consistency of the ensemble work singing and dancing was next to unbelievable from children and teens so young and so many - there were 60 on the stage at many times during the show. Sure I cried, but mostly I cheered. What a good experience they had and what a magnificent accomplishment.
  • Andy bought us a new tent today. We're back to tenting now that we don't have anything to pull our tent trailer. We're going for 3 nights on the BC Day weekend, to Fort Ebey on Whidbey Island. Now we have a tent big enough to park an elephant (and all to ourselves because Fi's staying with friends so she can go see Phantom of the Opera, and Alex has slept in his own tent since he was about 10 because he doesn't like somebody's snoring - I'm not saying whose - oh, we will have the dog with us in our tent. Oh well).
Well, I had better go, I have a couple of letters to write. Just needed to spill my jelly beans on the table and admire them. Life is sweet.

  • Oh, one more! Myrna booked this for the ladeez trip. deeelicious
question: what's good for you right now?

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Kristene said...

Cherries! That's what's good for me right now. 20 lbs succulent, juicy, Keremeos cherries. Cherries make me cheery!