Thursday, August 03, 2006

Auntie Again and Barb's Birthday

My brother Mike and his wife Emily just had another baby, their fourth, on Tuesday morning. A healthy boy, 9 lbs 11 ounces. Mom and baby came home the same day. That makes 9 grandchildren for my parents and confirms that the number of offspring increases with birth order in our family. Andy and I have two, Barb and Kim have three, Mike and Emily have four.

Speaking of Barb, it's her birthday on Friday. I emailed her early because of the time difference. They are always a day ahead of us in Africa. I'm not sure if they're still on vacation in Mozambique or back home in Eritrea. Barb usually posts a blog on Wednesday (Thursday to us in the Western hemisphere) but nothing yet. I hope she has an excellent birthday. She'll be coming home soon after her next birthday. I will like that. I miss her. In the meantime, I owe Barb and her family a letter. I am working on getting some fresh photos printed to send, along with a few comforts including a big giant chocolate bar (my favourite thing to send). Kim's cousin Shelley visited Africa in July. I asked her to send us some photographs, as we have seen none (internet is awful in Eritrea, and mail is expensive so we get only airmail mailer type letters). Our kids are all at the age when people are astonished to see them after just a few months. They are morphing into big people. I worry that I'll hardly know my niece and nephews when they return.

Other than that, the world is turning at its usual pace. We're shaking our heads thinking we should be on holiday right now, but we have to wait a bit longer. We've switched our vacation dates this year from second half of July to second half of August. A family road trip to Southern California is shaping up. We are going to ride roller coasters until we burst, and also go to the beach and visit some friends and maybe lie around the pool and read a book for just a bit. When we return it will be time for the kids to go back to school. Life goes by so fast these days.

I can hardly wait to hug Mike and Emily and hold little Mr. I-don't-know-his-name-yet, but I'll probably have to wait a few months because they live 2 days' drive away in Northern BC. I can hardly wait to sit for a few hours or a few days with my sister and ask her every question under the stars about her experiences in her far-away home, and just look at her and hear her voice until it feels normal to do so again. In the meantime, this big happy family of mine is keeping me pretty busy and surrounded by love, which is the most important thing.

question: any new arrivals or special days among your friends and family?

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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Good news about your brother! I thought I was the only person left that has 4 kids! :) (he's due Oct. 5)