Friday, August 11, 2006

taken by mistake

I got the wrong bagel today
slinking in to work wet-haired, two hours late
grabbing breakfast in a bag
you, dry and well-dressed
ordered next
got mine (I think)
I hope you like everything
whole wheat's okay with me


Other woman named "Sue"
or so you said
took my sushi before I arrived
paid, so no harm done
while the chef sliced and rolled again I wondered,
did you not have time to order your own lunch?
and how do you decide which name to use?
sue for sushi?
pete for pita pockets?
phil for falafel?
or maybe you really are Sue and you just ordered from the wrong place
should I go find and eat your sushi
thus restoring balance to the cosmos?


in the bottom of my
chocolate ice cream
a strawberry

some days are just like that

question: 'djeet today?

mompoet - often confused, rarely hungry

1 comment:

Carol said...

Hi Mompoet,
Quite a day, foodwise. Fun poem.

I will be having a FFMB Anniversary party on August 19th, which is a Saturday. Would you be able to participate? See my blog for more details.

I am taking a rest break but will be very active that day.