Friday, August 18, 2006


We have this pile accumulating of things to take with us to Disneyland. Everytime we think of something, we add it to the pile. It will all go into our bags tonight, the car tomorrow morning.

Fi put the entire nailpolish bag in the pile. We share all of our colours. We actually discussed bringing the whole big cornucopia of talon varnish, but agreed that would be excessive. So we'll choose 3 or 4 colours only. We both like to have bright toes. Fi does her fingernails, but only with clear polish. I never waste my time. My hands are in and out of the water so much, and I like to keep my nails short to I don't claw people by accident.

So we'll pack 4 for the toes and leave the rest at home.

Question: if you could take any 4 colours of toenail polish on vacation, which 4 colours would you choose?

mompoet - wondering what we'll forget...

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Imran said...

Happy 1st FFMB Anniversary!

Don't know about nails and nail polish, but my favorite colours are green and blue. It will look awful on your nails or toes though.

Anyway, have a great time at Disneyland. A place I hope to visit with my family in the future.