Thursday, August 10, 2006

do you know mompoet?

A strange and wonderful moment at work yesterday. I'm talking with my new co-worker, Valerie. We're discussing our families and camping. I say, "Let me show you some photos of where we were on the weekend." Then I pull up my blog on my office computer.

Valerie says, "Do you know mompoet? Why are your pictures on mompoet?" I said, "I'm mompoet." Turns our Valerie found my blog a year or so ago when she was searching the internet for mention of a play that she directed. I had seen the play and written enthusiastically about it on my blog. She remembered. The world is small and full of good people who know each other.

question: have you ever met someone who has met you already, only you didn't know?

mompoet - mompoet, yup. that's me

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Carol said...

Wow, what a neat story.